Persona 5: Dancing Star Night

Dancing game featuring characters from Persona 5.



Track List

TrackDancerFirst Appearance
"Beneath the Mask" KAIEN Remix?.
"Blooming Villain" Atlus Konishi Remix?.
"Booming of Villain"?.
"Haha no Ita Hibi" Atlus Kitajoh Remix?.
"Hoshi to Bokura to"?.
"Hoshi to Bokura to" Tofubeats Remix?.

"Jaldabaoth ~Our Beginning"

"Keeper of Lust"?.
"Last Surprise"?.
"Last Surprise" Jazztronik Remix?.
"Last Surprise" Taku Takahashi Remix?.
"Life Goes On"?.
"Life Will Change"?.
"Life Will Change" Atlus Meguro Remix?.
"One Nightbreak"?.
"Rivers in the Desert"?.
"Rivers in the Desert" Mito Remix?.
"Rivers in the Desert" Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb 2017?.
"Tokyo Daylight" Atlus Kozuka Remix?.
"Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There"?.
"Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There" Jazztronik Remix?.
"Whims of Fate" Yukuhiro Fukutomi Remix?.
"Will Power" Shacho Remix?.

Special Editions

Persona Dancin' All-Star Triple Pack

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Persona Dancin' Deluxe Twin Plus

  • PSVita copy of Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night
  • PSVita copy of Persona 5: Dancing Star Night
  • Atlus Selection Assorted Costumes DLC Set (15 costumes)
  • 4-disc soundtrack featuring over 60 songs
  • Price: ¥15,780