Tempest 4000

Jeff Minter is working on a new update to his trippy take on Tempest for modern consoles.

Developed by Llamasoft, this is the 3rd sequel to Tempest, with the other two being Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar, and Tempest 3000 for the Nuon. An unofficial sequel, TxK, was released on PS Vita in 2014, but the ports over to other platforms were blocked by Atari. TxK, thus, is now presented as Tempest 4000.

Players control a claw that moves around a tube or field, and the objective is to shoot down every enemy that attempts to defeat the player. As with 2000, 3000, and TxK, players can earn powerups as enemies are defeated, including Jumping and the A.I. Droid. Players can also access bonus rounds, provided enough Warp Triangles are collected.

In addition to the classic and modded soundtracks from Tempest 2000, soundtracks originally from TxK are available as an alternative option.