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Quick Look: Dandara

2018-02-19 15:35 Quick Looks

Oh, what a feeling. We're dancing on the ceiling! But also the floor and the walls!

Quick Look: Subnautica

2018-02-18 38:28 Quick Looks

The ocean is dark and full of terrors.

Quick Look: Aegis Defenders

2018-02-17 36:39 Quick Looks

There are towers to be defended and platforms to be platformed!

Quick Look: Fe

2018-02-16 36:29 Quick Looks

Brad and Jeff break out into song! Watch as they sing their way through the geometric wilderness!

Quick Look: The Fall Part 2 - Unbound

2018-02-16 54:41 Quick Looks

Not all robots are good, but at least this robot stays on schedule.

The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game: IK+, Ghostbusters, Forbidden Forest, and More

2018-02-15 47:26

There's a reason why they call it the "Forbidden" Forest, and we're about to see that first hand. Also, some International Karate, Winter Games, World Games, Ghostbusters, and other C64 "smash" "hits."

Unfinished: SOS 02/15/2018

2018-02-15 42:09 Unfinished, Features

Dan is here to make friends.

Quick Question with Jeff Bakalar: Ep. 04 - Ask the Love Expert

2018-02-14 05:04 Features

Spoilers: He absolutely loves Valentine's Day, Ninja Turtles, and dead flowers because they look nice on the wall.

The Dating Games - Episode 05: Butterfly Soup

2018-02-14 04:29 Features

You know that can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff? That's a metaphor for love. But it's also a metaphor for baseball. But it's ALSO a quote from a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie.

The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game: Blagger, Blinky's Scary School, and More

2018-02-13 57:03

Join Jeff on a battle through time as he plays C64 games like Battle Through Time, a Pengo bootleg called Bingo Bongo, Blagger, a really awful port of Blasteroids, and something called Blinky's Scary School.