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Giant Bombcast 481: Rupert Grint’s Ice Cream Truck

2017-05-16 53:48 Giant Bombcast

It’s easy to forget E3 looms on the horizon with Farpoint, Battlegrounds, The Surge, Ubisoft’s 2017 lineup, Alan Wake’s delisting, Vanquish’s PC release, IO Interactive’s shocking betrayal, and live pinball to talk about!

Quick Look: Immortal Redneck

2017-05-16 24:02 Quick Looks

While he might not be afraid of dying, Ben and Brad discover the true weakness for this mummified redneck - a lack of proper tutorials.

Quick Look: Injustice 2

2017-05-15 10:56 Quick Looks

Jeff, Jason, and Ben fight not only for pride, but for loot boxes.

Quick Look: NBA Playgrounds

2017-05-14 33:16 Quick Looks

Watch Vinny, Alex, Dan, and Jeff alley-oop with the best of 'em in NBA Playgrounds. BASKETBALL.

Quick Look: The Signal from Tölva

2017-05-13 42:12 Quick Looks

Hark! What's that sound in the distance? Is that another robot to shoot? Brad and Ben investigate.

Quick Look: The Surge

2017-05-12 56:24 Quick Looks

Brad and Ben plow, stab, and dodge their way through this Souls-like under the watchful eyes of General Gameplay.

The Real S3 Plan: Sega Saturn Stream

2017-05-11 28:58 Features

We convene on the anniversary of the Sega Saturn's US release date to play some hits and... some not-hits.

Quick Look: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

2017-05-11 27:24 Quick Looks

Dan returns to his sniper life but this time he finds the joy of the snipe lacking.

Quick Look: Super Rude Bear Resurrection

2017-05-10 21:57 Quick Looks

Killing the bear with the backwards hat over and over is really the best thing for him in the long run.

Giant Bombcast 480: Bad Ball Feel

2017-05-09 53:00 Giant Bombcast

This week we check in with basketball games new and old, spend some time with Prey, dig into Persona 5 romance, do a little Spaceplanning, catch up on the hottest E3 leaks, and ask the new guy some pressing questions.